The Story Behind BCNet

          Back In Eloy Arizona, BCNet Started As Playing With HTML Code That Was Learned By An HTML Book, BCNet Just Had A Text-Only Interface In 2002, During That Time I Was Still In High School And I Was In A Class That Taught FrontPage 2000, Well From That Original Base HTML (Which Was BCNet 1.0) Became BCNet 2.0 By May Of 2002.  By Late 2002 I Managed To Change More Stuff With BCNet Introducing In Version 3.0, Then In March 2003, BCNet 4.0 Was Born, And This Was By The Time My High School Got Windows XP Computers, and Since The Original XP Neglected To Add The MSJavaVM, BCNet 4.10 Was Made To Compensate For XP's Mistake. Even Though I Tried To Develop A Version 5.0 Out Of 4.10, It Just Wasn't In Time Before I Moved To Utah, The I Was Out Of The Game For A While, Until Mid February Where I Was Hired By Jason Owen, The Owner Of InVision Computers.

         I Managed To Resurrect A Copy Of BCNet 3.0 I Placed On The Internet, And I Built That As BCNet 5.0, Then By June I Started Working With Visual Basic And By Late June, BCNet 5.0 Stand-Alone, Network, And Server Editions Were Made, And I Also Created An Autorun Program For BCNet and InVision Utilities.   BCNet Has Gone Along Ways Since 2002, And Since The Original Company BCNet Was Linked With I Dubbed Interstellar, Had Changed To BCLabs, Mainly Because The Main Contributor To BCNet Was The Bicycle Confederation, So It Made Sense To Change The Company Name To BCLabs PC and The Software Was To The Bicycle Confederation Laboratories (BCLabs).

Thank You For Using BCLabs Software.