Yahoo Messenger Will Remain A Free Service.
The Bicycle Confederation supports Yahoo in spreading the word that Yahoo! Messenger is a free service, I get people all the time telling me that either Yahoo Messenger is going to either be a pay service or it is going to be shut down.

This Is Quoted From Yahoo! Messenger Help:

"Recently, a rumor has been circulating that Yahoo! is going to start charging for the use of the Yahoo! Messenger. Messenger has become an essential communication tool for many people, and perhaps that's why this rumor has spread so quickly.

Whatever its origin, there is no truth to this rumor. There are no plans to begin charging a monthly fee for the use of Yahoo! Messenger in the foreseeable future. Yahoo! Messenger is, and will continue to be, a free service."

The Bicycle Confederation will support Yahoo Messenger, as so long it remains free and the rumors do not become reality.

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