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About The Bicycle Confederation:

The Bicycle Confederation is an organization that started just as a young boy's club where every one has a bike.

Well that boy grew up, his name is Kyle Williams.  Now the Bicycle Confederation has two divisions Recreation, which entails Bicycling, Skateboarding, Rollerblading and Other Recreational Activities, and Laboratories, which entails Computing, Science, and Research.

About The Bicycle Confederation Laboratories: 

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The Bicycle Confederation Laboratories develops computer software for the Bicycle Confederation and InVision Computers and product research of computer software.  The Laboratories Division is based upon the Ministry of Computing.  All software under the BCLabs label is protected by the BCLL (Bicycle Confederation Laboratories License) which is a pubic, yet low-cost licensing agreement to use BCLabs Software.

About The Bicycle Confederation Recreation:

The Bicycle Confederation Recreation is the merging of the Ministries of Bicycling, Skateboarding, and Rollerblading, in an effort to add more activities as part of the Bicycle Confederation.

About Kyle Williams:

Kyle Williams is the President of the Bicycle Confederation, currently residing in Ogden Utah, originally from a 10 Acre Ranch 26 miles south of Eloy Arizona, The Bicycle Confederation was founded upon the ranch forming post 220 When Kyle left to go to Utah, he declared that Utah should join rank in the Bicycle Confederation, so post 312 (Ogden, UT) was formed.