Bicycle Confederation Labortories License (BCLL)

Bicycle Confederation Laboratories License (BCLL)
This software under the "BCLabs" label is protected under the BCLL and the terms and conditions of this license is listed below.


1) Members of the Bicycle Confederation, or Management and Employees of InVision Computers of Clearfield Utah, are exempt of any request to purchase anything under the protection of the BCLL.

2) People who have purchased software or downloaded freeware under the BCLL can request another licensed copy without question, under the conditions of: losing a copy due to a power related failure, disk failure, accidental deletion, or virus infected. 

3) People who have purchased administration versions of software protected under the BCLL, may edit the code as it were their own, you paid for it. replacement copies of administration versions of software is protected by condition 2.

4) If any software under the protection of the BCLL damages your system, The Bicycle Confederation has no responsibility over software after it is purchased. Refunds are available upon request by e-mail to or Third-party programs integrated in software protected by the BCLL are not under the support or responsibility of the Bicycle Confederation. 

5) People who have purchased any software under the BCLL and have altered it, are no longer protected by the BCLL, unless the authority of licensing of the Bicycle Confederation Laboratories legitimizes the alteration. Suggestions for changes for any software under the protection of the BCLL must be sent to or

The Bicycle Confederation is against anyone who integrates viruses, malware, spyware, and other harmful computer code to all BCLL licensed products.